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What to Expect with Dental Implant Treatment

Here is a general overview of our dental implant treatment strategy at Triple Crown Dentistry:

Appointment 1 – Diagnostics and Plan Development (time: 30-45 minutes)

A CBCT 3D scan will be taken and a careful examination of the patient’s soft and hard tissue anatomy is performed as well as an evaluation of a patient’s medical health and current prescriptions.  Candidacy for a dental implant as well as determining the most likely implant size and potential additional surgery needs with be evaluated and discussed.  Surgery date can be scheduled and preoperative prescriptions written and surgery details will be discussed.

Appointment 2 – Surgery date (time: 2-3 hours depending)

Dental implant placement surgery or any surgery needed before implants can be placed.  Most likely this surgery will include the placement of the implant and potentially a healing cap and temporary crown or retainer to be placed to provide a temporary tooth in the space while the implant heals and integrates into the bone.  If a surgery is needed prior to implant placement like a ridge augmentation graft or a significant sinus lift, the implant may need to be placed after the grafts heal although this is rare.  In most cases a sinus lift is performed and the implant is placed at the same time as the sinus lift.

Appointment 3 – Post op checkup (2-3 weeks after surgery) (time: 15 minutes)

Two weeks after surgery you will return for a checkup to see how well the implant surgery site is healing.  Any sutures will be removed and the site will be thoroughly evaluated to ensure everything is healing well.  

Appointment 4- Impressions for abutment and crown (3-4 months after surgery date) (time: 30 minutes)

Healing cap will be removed and impression will be taken for and abutment and either a treatment crown or a final crown. Healing cap placed back on implant and impressions sent to dental laboratory for custom crown work.

Appointment 5 – Delivery of abutment and crown (1-2 weeks after impressions) (30-45 minutes)

Healing cap removed and final abutment placed. Crown fitted, adjusted as needed and cemented to abutment.  Bite relationship checked and adjusted as needed.  This is typically the last appointment in the implant process.  In certain cases a 6th appointment might be needed although it is rare.

Appointment 6 – Bite relationship check-up (Rarely Needed)

In certain cases like full arch cases of cases with several implants, a follow up appointment may be needed to ensure that the bite relationship is correct and ensure that any bite interferences are corrected.

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