Dr. Mary K. Shields and Dr. Eric Nunnally are proud to be able to offer nearly all dental services in-house. They have established such a great trusting relationship with their patients. Patients are relieved when all of their dental needs can be met at Triple Crown Dentistry and Louisville Dental Implants. In the rare event that Dr. Shields or Dr. Nunnally find it necessary to refer a patient to a specialist, they choose elite providers.  

At your first visit to the office, you will be warmly greeted and treated like family.  The entire office team takes great responsibility in the privilege we have of serving our great community.  We look forward to meeting each new patient and love growing our patient “family.”

Our Services

Family Dentistry

Here at Triple Crown Dentistry, we love seeing patients of ALL ages. We agree with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in that children should have their “first visit by their first birthday.” Dr. Mary especially loves treating the youngest of patients. While we see children for their routine treatment, we have established an excellent referral base in the event that a child needs more specialized care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

We pride ourselves on offering beautiful smile makeovers. We offer the highest quality restorative materials from composite resin to porcelain. One of our most popular restorative products are “no-prep” or minimal prep veneers. These are veneers that are bonded to the teeth without aggressive preparation of the natural tooth. The benefits of this long-lasting option is no anesthesia is required, no sensitivity experienced and the porcelain is non-staining. In addition to veneers, we offer other cosmetic procedures such as whitening, Vampire Facials, and Botox®.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the superior treatment option for missing teeth as well as retention of loose fitting dentures, with a long term success rate much higher than any other option for replacing missing teeth. At Triple Crown Dentistry, we use only high quality dental implants and components, as well as advanced surgical techniques (including sterile field and platelet therapy) and technologies (in house 3D scanner and top quality implants) to ensure the best of outcomes for our patients. Our patients can receive all of their implant treatment in one location with the highest level available in dentistry.

Emergency Dental Care

We make it a priority to see patients in a timely manner. Existing and new patients are seen the same day they need an appointment. We understand the urgency often associated with tooth pain and infection. When you call the office number after hours, the phone call is forwarded to either Dr. Shields or Dr. Nunnally. This is a unique offering among dentists. We know the great responsibility of owning our practice and are committed to serving our patients at all times, not just during “normal business hours.”

Complimentary Second Opinion

We are passionate about patient driven treatment decisions. Often times, patients want a second opinion about their treatment options. We offer second opinions and consulting services for new patients that want to discuss their treatment plan. We are dedicated to providing each patient ALL of their options rather than steering them in one direction over another. Our current patients often remark that they appreciate the “no pressure atmosphere” at the office. We will always support the patient with compassionate care and thorough treatment planning.

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