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October 2017

I Got Botox and I’m 22

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Yeah, really. I’m not joking. At the ripe old age of 22 I was injected with a muscle-paralyzing toxin that freezes faces and kills wrinkles. My youthful face, made more youthful? I can hear you scoffing at my narcissism.

Okay, okay, I will stop messing with your brain and making you hate me. I didn’t get it because I was super worried about fine lines possibly develpoing on my face due to whatever stress the world may be bringing me and the gradual effects of gravity.

It is a lot less climatic than you are probably hoping. I got Botox, as a 22 year old woman, not because I was concerned about any wrinkles on my face (that’s why I use Skin Actives’ Vitamin A Cream tbh) but  because since I was about 14 yeas old, I have suffered from painful, chronic migraines. I mean like, curled on the floor vomiting and unable to see migraines. These are not headaches. If you have never had a migraine, it is hard to sympathize with me. If you have had them, you’re like: “OKAY SAY NO MORE PLZ DON’T REMIND ME!” Migraines are like headaches from the deepest pit of hell. They differ for everyone, but for me when they’re bad, I am usually blinded and unable to move, even the sound of the soft white-noise of AC running in my house will cause me excruciating pain that leads to horrific nausea and me considering putting a knife in my skull to relieve pressure. Not even exaggerating.

Now, all this isn’t really to justify my Botox decision, but really just to let you guys know about it. A lot of women suffer from migraines and we have to deal with people, usually men, telling us to suck it up. “It’s just a headache” or “Are you PMSing?” Which is bullshit. Most recently, I got a migraine while driving from Louisville to North Carolina for our big move. Thankfully, we pulled over to a rest stop in time for me to avoid driving with auras although I was scream-crying as truckers looked on in bewilderment. I had medicine with me – and Jerome is a saint and we stayed stopped so I could nap until the drowsiness from my medicine wore off and my brain went back to somewhat-normal. These things are straight up torture.

Thankfully though, they have been much less of an occurrence and much less of torturous situation since I went to see my dentist a month or two ago. As it turns out, when I am stressed (which, hello, worst 6 months of my life) I bear down on my teeth. I’m not talking grinding, I’m talking clenching my jaw so tight that I have these crazy huge pressure points in my jaw and upper forehead.

So, my dentist did all the appropriate tests to be sure I could benefit from Botox and that I was a safe candidate and – BOOM, relaxed face. I am talking instant results. I am also someone who has a pretty severe needle phobia, I often can’t go and get a flu shot alone for fear of passing out. It wasn’t bad at all, in fact the needles were tiny and aside from the fluid entering my face being a bit cold I felt nothing. Literally, nothing… in seconds. Suddenly I felt my face relax for the first time in probably years. The stress I was carrying in my jaw melted away in a few hours, and a week later I was no longer waking up with extreme soreness and pain in my face and jaw.

Of course, Botox isn’t a cure all. I still have migraines sometimes, but I have been better able to manage them and they have been significantly reduced. Shout out to my awesome dentist for realizing this was a problem I had, I didn’t really even know that it was possible to have this issue.

If you suffer from migraines, maybe look into it? I don’t know, I’m not a doctor and Botox is technically a toxin, but it has worked for me. It might not work for you. The downside is that one day when the wrinkles set in, I probsssss won’t hesitate to Botox a lil bit. If you choose to alter your face/body/etc. then good for you – if not – ALSO good for you! We should all make decisions that make us happy (as long as they are healthy and doctor approved!)

… and that ends my not-so-shocking story of getting Botox at 22.

Have you ever gotten Botox? Do you have migraines?


Posted by Olivia Ross on the skitch

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