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November 2016

Which Dental Implant is Right for You?

By | Treatment Information

At Triple Crown Dentistry we offer a fully array of options for dental implants.  Implants can either be placed in an area that has been missing a tooth for some time, or placed immediately after a tooth is extracted.  We have an implant dedicated for each of these situations, including the only FDA cleared implant solution for immediate molar replacement.  Our ability to perform your implant placement at time of extraction can eliminate the need for a 4 month healing process and expensive socket preservation grafting.  This advantage means less money out of pocket for our patients and a reduced amount of time needed to get you your implant crown placed and chewing with the tooth again.

Types of Implants

We have partnered with Keystone Dental Implants to provide our dental implants.  We use the Genesis and Tri-Max systems from Keystone, very high quality implant systems that give us the peace of mind that we are providing our patients with the best implants available on the market.  For more information on Keystone’s Implants please click here.

The Keystone Genesis implant is made of medical graded titanium that =is the coated in a nano-spark surface which provides superior integration into the jaw bone.  That and the thread pattern of the implant allow for superior initial stability at placement and allows for immediate placement in non-molar teeth and often allows for a temporary crown to be placed at time of surgery.   The Genesis system also has a pink anodized collar.  This feature prevents the gray shadowing that can show through the gums with implants.  This grayness is a common problem that is eliminated with the Genesis system.  At Triple Crown Dentistry we feel that the Genesis system is the superior dental implant on the market.  Our patients deserve the best in our surgical skills as well as the best in dental implant products and Keystone allows us to provide the best implant treatment available in modern dentistry.  For more info on the Genesis system click here.

Keystone has the only FDA cleared implant for use in molar extraction sites which is one of the most common situations for dental implant needs.  This system gives us the ability to extract a molar and replace it with a large diameter implant that closely mimics the size of the natural molar root and preserves the natural width of the ridge.  Without this system the molar would need to be extracted and grafted, then placing the implant 4 months afterwards.  Our molar replacement dental implant is the best on the market and prevents that delay of 4 months and reduces the treatment plan to only one surgery date rather than two.  

Your Implant Treatment Options

  • Single/Multiple Tooth Replacement.  
    • If you are missing one or several teeth, there is no more natural replacement option than a dental implant.  
  • Full arch fixed prosthesis
    • For those who have no natural teeth and want a fixed option to replace their teeth and do not wat t removable denture
  • Implants to retain loose fitting denture or partial denture
    • If a patient has a denture but it doesn’t fit and/or function well, dental implants can be used to provide retention for an existing denture
  • Implants with bar for a removable denture
    • If a patient wants a denture that fits and functions at the top level possible but still wants the denture to be removable, an implant bar is a great option.


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